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WordPress Themes For Your Place of Worship.

Many industries rely on WordPress themes for one reason: they are the best. They offer a variety of features, such as responsive behavior and stylish appearance. Additionally, they are very modular in that just about any plugin can simply be installed to provide extra functionality. Finally, many free themes are available for people needing a simple website presence without any so-called bells and whistles.

It’s so popular that hosting companies offer ‘WordPress hosting’ packages that come with the application already pre-installed. And why not? It’s free, and with a cheap offer code you can have a website for around one dollar a month.

Of course, you probably understand that any template can be modified to suit the needs of a church. However, Christian themes made specifically for churches reduce the amount of modification and help save you time. Additionally, because suitable plugins are often included, they cut down on the time required to track down plugins. If you are a church administrator, you probably are looking for very specific types of functionality. If so, you should consider the following free and premium themes that can do such things as track donations, follow up with parishioners, or help distribute sermons.

1. Native Church

This premium theme comes ready to use out of the box. The grayscale thumbnails are an attractive contrast to the bold banner, and the standard layout offers a variety of built-in functionality that includes the following.

– time-to-event countdown
– calendar of upcoming prayer events
– blog
– video sermons along the right border

Additional features:

Because upcoming news or blog articles are going to serve as key inspirational content, it is nice to see the blog style can be set to six different styles. Additionally, the sermon archive is available in three styles, ensuring the church can easily differentiate itself from other websites. Finally, it has a mega menu that lists videos, upcoming events, and past sermons all in one drop-down menu, making Native Church one of the most attractive, most versatile of premium themes on the market.

2. Church Lite

the church lite wordpress theme

Although this lite theme is free, it still offers a lot of functionality and style for congregations wanting the best in Christian themes. For instance, the theme is responsive, making it suitable for any smartphone screen, tablet, or monitor. The above-the-fold banner highlights the weekly sermon or church’s primary message of the week, and the attractive single-page style offers a more modern appearance than other free themes. However, it offers a variety of features that help any denomination.

– simple animations
– testimonials and prayer reminders
– a fundraising goal tracker

Additional features:

One of the best features is the theme’s emphasis on fundraising, and the best example of this is the built-in e-commerce plugin. With this plugin, the church becomes an online store, capable of promoting inspirational products or more.

3. Endurance

Another top-notch entry in the market of Christian themes, Endurance features a minimalist design that helps emphasize the content. It is responsive, making it suitable for parishioners that access the site via screens of different sizes. Finally, it offers basic functionality and plugins.

– simple blog for past sermons and inspirational content
– calendar of events plugin

Additional features

Although this is a very simple theme designed to emphasize the content, the upper menu does have a very elegant call to action that helps highlight the church’s donation page. Finally, the theme comes with a forum that allows churchgoers the ability to interact, ask questions, or discuss topics of interest.

4. Dunamis

This premium theme has garnered over 3,600 sales, making it one of the most popular themes on the market. Like other premium themes, it is designed specifically for churches, and its overall layout is designed to emphasize church-related events. For instance, the upper menu is offset with an extra-large donate button, and the second menu above-the-fold features start times for Sunday worship. Other features include the following functionality.

– built-in Google roadmaps and driving directions
– multiple calls to action
– customized contact forms
– video headers
– event countdown
– parallax styling

Additional features

One of the most modern and exciting features of this theme is the built-in podcast. With this feature, churches are able to broaden their reach and build an online congregation that does not necessarily mirror the real-world congregation. In fact, this podcast feature allows churches to distribute inspirational content that can be consumed on the go throughout the work week or even during a break at work. As such, this theme allows the church to compete with secular content that represents so much chatter.

Finally, the theme comes with a standard Pinterest-style gallery, making it perfect to host images from recent church events.


Of course, the best themes will offer complete functionality right out-of-the box. However, if you happen to select a theme that has almost what you need, there are a variety of plugins that can complete your theme and help make your online church website fully functional.

Sermon Manager

Listed in the WordPress plugin repository, Sermon Manager is a complete online resource for keeping growing online sermons organized. It features the ability to organize according to date, and it has the ability to use shortcodes to include sermons in a variety of content pages.

Download here:

If you have upcoming events that feature different speakers, Sermon Manager also has the capability to add and display different hosts or speakers.

Finally, Sermon Manager comes in a Pro version that offers even more features, such as SEO marketing, Elementor page building, and live chat.


Although many templates already have donation tracking, this plugin makes giving easy, attractive, and effective.

For instance, in terms of ease of use, you can establish various levels of donation. Each level can be captioned, and the plugin comes with full reporting. In terms of style, the plugin is lightweight and does not visually detract from the church’s message. In terms of effectiveness, the plugin offers you the ability to track donors and view a complete history of each donor. Finally, donations can be categorized as memorials that help provide fundraising for families in need.

Other features include the following

– allows churches to accept credit cards
– integrates with any WordPress theme
– marketing add-ons available to help promote fundraisers