How to Use Coupons and Pinterest To Grow Your Website’s Following.

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Digital Marketing: 4 Tips for Brands 

Growing your website’s reach is always a difficult question for business owners. But we’ve found some very effective techniques that really engage people and create new followers by offering your visitors value in return. These strategies can be categorized into 2 techniques: Coupon Codes and Pinterest.

One social media platform that isn’t as easy to master as some others is Pinterest. However, it can be a hugely rewarding site if you get efficient using it. The following article will look at some tips for brands using Pinterest.

1. Give Out Coupon Codes For Free.

When you write a blog post, one way to create added value for your readers is to search for an offer code or coupon that you can attach to the end of your post. If you’re reviewing a product, or writing about a product of some kind, this free coupon for GoDaddy, for example, gives the readers a reason to buy the product. It also gives them a reason to keep coming back: If you keep recommending good products and giving them buy one get one discounts, they’ll know they should keep coming back to you instead of a competitor.

2. Create and pin to a lot of boards. 

One of the most challenging parts of mastering Pinterest is to recognize how it differs from other platforms. The most critical thing to learn is everything doesn’t happen in the same place as it usually does on Twitter or Facebook.

Instead, you should think of it in terms of lots of different pin or notice boards. Each of these boards has a unique subject or topic, and you post relevant content to it. The most successful brands will have varied social media content that allows them to take advantage of this. Remember to pin to all of your boards regularly and have a schedule to do so.

3. Pinterest is about collaboration, not self-promotion. 

Pinterest is one of the greatest sites when it comes to collaboration, and you won’t get very far by just posting images that link back to your site. One of the most significant features to take advantage of is group boards, and you should be actively looking to share great content from the web.

Remember the key is to build your profile and boards with content that will make users want to follow you and share what you post. Naturally, this process can take time, but the effort can be worth it because Pinterest is excellent for web traffic, and users are also looking to buy things.

4. Make some effort with your own content. 

It’s necessary to have a strong understanding of each social media platform if you want to make it work for your brand. Pinterest is all about creating images that make users take notice, which will encourage them to click through to your website. For best results, use engaging templates and create your blog content in a specific style.

Having a board that is dedicated to your content is a good idea, and typically, most successful brands will do this. However, this should not be one of your most active boards as you don’t want it to look like you are only on Pinterest for self-promotion. Ensure you size your images correctly for Pinterest, and you should see a decent level of referral traffic back to your site. Also, ensure you have suitable images on your blogs that can be pinned.

Any successful brand needs to have a robust digital marketing strategy, especially if they sell products and services online. Pinterest is an excellent platform because it produces one of the highest levels of web traffic and users are looking to buy items when they use it. However, mastering the platform takes time, effort and strategy. Remember to pin to a lot of different boards, collaborate and to make some effort with your own content.