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Jupiter wordpress theme

The Jupiter WordPress Theme: Powerful and Fresh

Jupiter just released a new version of what might be the world’s most advanced WordPress theme. And it doesn’t matter if you are an advanced blogger, a not-for-profit organization, or a corporation, this is a release that is worth considering.

And while Jupiter isn’t free (it’s currently $59 on marketplace websites like, you can get it for virtually free with the right offer from coupon code websites like

A Quick Recap: What is Jupiter?

Before we dive into the new release and its functions it is a good idea to recap what Jupiter is for the reader who have not yet heard about it. Jupiter is a multipurpose theme for WordPress that adopts well to any kind of site. Fresh out of the box Jupiter is also providing dozens of custom templates in categorize ranging from marketing, health, beauty, and so forth. It also boast a built-in drag and drop page builder with an amazing range of stuff to add to any page by simply dragging and dropping where the element should be placed Jupiter then saves the page and the user is good to go without touching a single line of code.

The New Admin Panel:

Jupiter wordpress theme admin panel

The admin panel is something that Jupiter has been proud of since its first release and for a good reason! It is probably the easiest to understand admin panel on the market and that is a really powerful feature to have especially for organizations that have admins that are not web developers a common occurrence with e.g. small e-commerce stores.

A Quick Video From the Developers:

Also on subject of e-commerce Jupiter have integration with WooCommerce the worlds biggest e-commerce platform so if users are already on WooCommerce and just want a face lift and new functions for their website Jupiter might be good.
Something that is almost unique in the WordPress business world is the fact that Jupiter actually has support. Over the years, users have both claimed the support to be excellent as well as subpar but at least there is help to get. There is also a lot of help from third party sites and forums, since Jupiter is so popular, help is always close by.

What Functions and/or Features Can You Expect in the New V6 Release?

Jupiter is known for its many functions, themes, elements and advanced capabilities that are all accessible with ease for most users something that puts them apart from many other WordPress themes. So, what is new in this release?
• It is faster than ever! Something many users have complained about is that when fully loaded Jupiter can be slow to load which is just not annoying but can actually be bad for business if people decide to go to another site when the Jupiter site does not load quick enough so for this release the team is delivering optimized code. Hopefully this will be the end of slow loading times!
• The adoptive resolution function is something that a lot of people have complained about and pointed out that it needs reworking. It often does not keep up if the user is browsing a lot of data at the same time, this should now be fixed.
• General bug fixes, a lot of smaller third-party plugins for Jupiter has stopped working throughout the years when Jupiter has updated its own code this release they have focused on getting back a lot of that compatibility.
• Security fixes and general patches to make sure that the sites will stay safer and be safer to use for the visitor.

Who Should Not Get Jupiter?

Jupiter is great for most sites but if the site will be very basic it will probably take longer to set it up and install than it will take to just hard code some text into a free CSS-template, the user can also look into grabbing a less advanced WordPress theme. A local bakery who only needs to display a phone number and opening hours will not need Jupiter. Another situation when staying away from Jupiter would be wise is when the user is cramped for available space on the server, Jupiter can take up a lot of space when everything is installed and set up correctly.

Where to Get Jupiter?

On the official site a potential customer will find everything they need to purchase Jupiter with links to the market for purchase. The direct link for purchase is at